Autocar Parts

Dare to Be Different

Autocar Parts, LLC is a distributor of heavy duty truck aftermarket parts. The Company Launched in 2010.

When it comes to selecting the right heavy duty aftermarket truck parts, many people face many challenges. In fact, this has become more customary nowadays as more truck brands and parts enter the market. “What is the right part for my truck? How can I find a good heavy-duty trucks part supplier? Should I go for original or used parts? These are some of the questions that many customers ask. To find the right part, it is vital to get clear understanding of the different classifications of the truck parts. It is also important to know the benefits that come with selecting your parts supplier, like exceptional knowledge, experience across vocations and options to deliver across channels.

The kind of parts you choose for your truck will influence the type of service the vehicle will give you. Naturally, you desire to have a quality part that will not only guarantee them of reliable service but also durability. This is only achieved by installing the right part. A reliable product is not necessarily the least expensive. Our business is to help you make informed decisions. We have experienced resource that support OE, OEM and aftermarket options. We know there is no time, for downtime so stay up with us.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts

Original Equipment Manufacturer or simply OEM replacement parts are manufactured by the heavy-duty truck manufacturer. They match the original part that came with the vehicle. The same manufacturing processes and also materials are used. One of the main benefits of OEM parts is that they are genuine and will fit in the truck perfectly. A customer is more guaranteed of quality since they have come from the manufacture of the original part.

Original Equipment (OE) Parts

There is normally confusion between OEM and OE parts. Original Equipment parts are not manufactured by the truck builder. However, they are assembled by the company. The company may own the design but subcontracts the work of manufacturing the parts to another company. For instance, a heavy-duty truck manufacture based in the US may subcontract the manufacturing to a company based in another country. The truck manufacturer will source the finished parts and assembly them at their company (US). OE parts bear the same quality with OEM parts. However, they are much cheaper due to subcontracting.

Aftermarket Parts

Aftermarket parts do not originate from the company that manufactures the heavy duty trucks. It comes from a company that specializes in manufacturing replacement parts for different types of vehicles. The part manufacturer will come up with a part that is an exact replica of the original part. However, it may dier slightly in terms of quality, material, reliability and more. Aftermarket parts are popular because they are more aordable than the OEM parts. This is because of many manufacturers. They are also readily available because they are stocked by many shops and dealers.